The University of Lagos (UNILAG), alongside two other universities in Africa, recently won a research grant worth GBP1.9 million by the United Kingdom (UK) Research Institute, funded under the UKRI-GCRF ARUA Research Excellence Programme. The other beneficiaries of the grant, which will fund a three-year research project (2021-2023), are the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and the University of Makerere in Uganda. The research project will focus on unravelling the complexities surrounding migration and urbanisation in Africa. Our article will look at how these three universities will be working together in developing this research – and identifying what added value they see in such international collaboration regarding research in Africa. The funding was disclosed by the Vice Chancellor of Unilag during a recent workshop with the theme Migration, Urbanisation and Conflict in Africa; Toward Peaceful Urban Futures (MUCA), hosted by UNILAG’s Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development. We’d detail the research grant and assess how it fits into the work of research in universities in Nigeria, Uganda, and Ethiopia. We would talk to the academics involved and get additional insight from the UK Research Institute.