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About us

International News Services sources:

International News Services is a specialist news agency with experienced journalists based worldwide.

If you are a newspaper, magazine or periodical editor requiring original foreign coverage; a radio or television planner needing assistance with an overseas story; or a company requiring expert international guidance, we can help you.

Our team supplies high quality:

  • News, feature, analysis and interview articles;
  • Professionally edited videos;
  • Radio and television expert comment;
  • In depth research into international issues;
  • Sourced and original high resolution pictures and graphics.

Our selected clients are offered exclusivity – we do not sell information to direct competitors of established customers without their permission. We check and edit all commissions for accuracy and style ahead of filing. Our fees are reasonable and affordable. Archived articles are one-year-old or more: clients can request longer delays to publication.

International News Services journalists are:

1) Experts on global business and regulation. We understand and report on international organizations.

2) Experienced, diligent professional, and based around the world.

3) All copy is checked and edited to meet client requirements and to the highest standard.

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