New sheep could see China’s market share grow

We would like to propose a news feature looking at how China is developing new domestic wool supplies to create a more sustainable, high-end knitwear sector. The country has cultivated a new fine-wool sheep named Mountain Merino, which can be adapted to the coldness and aridness of high altitude, according to the country’s ministry of agriculture. The new breed can adapt to an altitude range of 2400-4070 meters with its wool as thin as 19.1-21.5 micrometers and also fills the gap of high-altitude fine-wool sheep cultivation in the world.

This piece would explore this development and what it could mean for China’s wool and knitwear sector, and subsequently, what a stronger Chinese knitwear sector could mean for the global industry. What products can be developed from this new sheep, as well as any others China is also working on?