Irish laws for Ryanair employees

We want to assess the potential impact on Irish HR of a case about how Ryanair employees are insisting to be governed by the laws of the nations where they are based, and not by Irish law as is currently the case (except for staff based in the U.K.). Trade unions have already explained that by having Irish labour contracts, the company finds it easier to fire workers, to be sued by its employees, not to put a limit on working hours, not to reduce hours in case of emergency or for instance, to offer a paid leave for weddings.  We would like to look at how the problem of the company is putting Irish law in the spotlight and see what “advantages” the air company sees in it. We will, of course, also look at why the law is not beneficial to the employees and how Ireland is more different than other EU countries.  We would speak to Ryanair and pilots’ unions.