New updated textile e-book offers invaluable resource

By Emma Jackson, International News Services

Global news agency International News Services Ltd – in association with world-leading business publisher Aroq Ltd - has released a major new e-book compiling global textile regulation news and analysis since 2001. This comprehensive 187 page report offers clothing and textile companies, consultants and lobbyists a survey of the sector’s rapid evolution to a free, global market in the last 10 years. The report is a detailed backgrounder of the last decade’s textile policy, collected and arranged in a concise document with monthly summaries to direct and help select topics and an essential background brief for marketers seeking to break into new markets, or lobbyists wanting to understand the rationale behind trade regulations they want changed.

The document, available from International News Services and via Aroq Ltd’s prestigious industry news service is a must-have for business, policy makers and stakeholders in the textile industry, according to Keith Nuthall, editor of International News Services. “No where else will you find such a comprehensive regulatory history compiled into one document,” he said. “Our expert and experienced contributor journalists from around the world have done a terrific job this decade in explaining the transformation of the clothing and textile sector. We are delighted to see their work compiled and edited in such a good looking e-book.”The current decade has been a tumultuous one for the clothing and textile industry, a sector spanning the entire globe and touching millions of workers, from small-scale cotton farmers to the world’s top fashion designers. Starting from 2001, there was the beginning of a slow march towards liberalised global markets, led by the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) plan to abolish market quotas by January 2005.

This transformation of what has traditionally been a well-controlled market to something close to a global free-for-all has not been peaceful, however: angry disputes have broiled between exporters and importers, each of which have had growing concerns a liberalised market may backfire; competing nations have quarrelled for years over protectionist tariffs and unfair import rules; failing textile companies have been illegally – and sometimes legally – bailed out by concerned governments; and several countries including China joined the WTO, with all the improved market access rights and commitments that follow.

“When planning for the future, it is always important to know the reasons behind a current government policy or law and the experiences its imposition provoked,” explained Nuthall. “When lobbing for regulatory change, it’s best to be on top of your brief – and this e-book, produced in conjunction with, gives textile and clothing companies worldwide a cogent tool to aid success.”

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This e-book is available from International News Services for US dollars USD 199; GBPounds GBP 125; Euro EUR 145.

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