International News Services’ virtual reporter – on Second Life

By Keith Nuthall

International News Services has an unorthodox correspondent called Belinda Blessed. She is unusual, in that she does not actually exist. She is a virtual reporter and is operated by agency writers who report on the virtual world Second Life.

Corporations, universities, governments, and international organisations have all built virtual offices on islands in Second Life. They use these spaces to have meetings, where digital representations of their employees, officials, academics and students can converse when they cannot meet physically. Second Life also offers these organisations opportunities to offer and deliver services, publish information and marketing material and even sell goods. The world’s biggest brands have set up shop on virtual worlds – which have been called a “disruptive technology” and which could reshape the way the private and public sector works as fundamentally as the impact of the Internet.

Any editors wanting coverage of Second Life can order copy using Belinda Blessed as their virtual correspondent – we can produce images and text. For examples of published articles featuring Belinda – see University World News and Accountancy Age. We also have a relationship with the most reputable Second Life virtual newspaper – the Metaverse Messenger, which is staffed by experience professional journalists. Also see this article on our site.

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Belinda Blessed in the Second Life studios of Sky News