A FORMER correspondent for International News Services has published a memoir about the four years she lived in Myanmar.

Our Home in Myanmar is written by Australian journalist, Jessica Mudditt, who moved to Yangon with her Bangladeshi husband in 2012 to join The Myanmar Times. She also worked at the country’s state-run newspaper during the historic elections of 2015, and was a consultant for the United Nations and the British Embassy. She frequently filed stories for agency clients, including for, and Global Meat News.

Mudditt’s book documents a period of great hope and optimism for the country, despite the challenges that abounded following decades of isolation and economic and political mismanagement.

The experienced correspondent is naturally concerned about how Myanmar has reverted to dictatorship following February’s military coup. She noted how millions of Burmese people have taken to the streets in protest and launched a civil disobedience movement, and most international sanctions have been re-imposed.

“I hope that peace and democracy will be restored in Myanmar, and that the violence against the people ends without delay. Based on what my contacts on the ground have said, there is a strong sense that this may be a long fight, but that it must be the last one,” said Mudditt.

The author has travelled extensively through Myanmar, and her love for the country and its people shines through on every page.

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“Our Home in Myanmar” by Jessica Mudditt