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NEXT year, Avon customers across Canada will not only be enticed by beauty products but they will also have the chance to be advised on a variety of services from legal, travel and accountancy services to roofers and plumbers.…

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DING Dong! Avon calling!

Traditionally, this familiar greeting of the faithful cosmetic lady would have women riffling through their mini-catalogues and choosing cherry red lipstick, ultra-voluminising mascara and skin firming creams but all that is about to change.…

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Keith Nuthall
MEMBER governments of the World Trade Organisation are to examine in detail proposals made by the Australian government for the dismantling of bureaucratic barriers that prevent accountants from practising in foreign countries.

Its detailed suggested were made in to the ongoing services round of the WTO, in Geneva, which has just reached the end of its first stage.…

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