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Haiti earthquake could spark model for international development

The European Union (EU) council on foreign affairs has already issued a statement asking for a “EU-wide response to post-emergency rehabilitation and recovery.”

The council also insisted on the need for an assessment on the “long-term development needs of Haiti, which makes full use of all resources, expertise and funding available from EU and Member States.”…

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World waits until end of 2010 for practical climate change response

The near-universal chorus of dismay and anger in the western media that followed the conclusions of the climate change summit at least partly reflected the wildly unrealistic expectations of the world’s richer countries. The pre-summit hype had been enormous. You would have thought Copenhagen was to have been the scene of the Second Coming.
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Reports of organisational fraud are levelling off, despite recession's glut of commercial crime

According to The Network’s Quarterly Corporate Fraud Index, fraud theft reports in the third quarter of 2009, accounted for 20.2% of all whistleblowing hotline activity within organisations worldwide, down from 21% the first quarter of last year. That 21% percent reflected a personal best – or in this case, worst – in terms of fraud-related reporting.…

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Thorns of a burst bubble cut Gulf optimism

This change was welcomed by many business journalists, if only to spice up their writing, but of course not by the business community. The reasons behind strong growth can be easily explained, but a downturn and a serious contraction in revenues requires a different explanation, and it was time for journalists to start asking hard questions – at least it should have been time to play hardball.…

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Banana deal brings hope to barren WTO Doha trade talks outlook

The Doha Development Round of global trade negotiations – which itself has been lumbering on since 2001 – appears far from completion. The political and commercial impetus that pushed its predecessor, the 1990s Uruguay round, towards great success, is nowhere to be found with Doha.…

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China recovers fast from recession to cement its economic dominance

In a speech to Chinese youths in Shanghai, he spoke highly of China’s great achievements, including lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, as “an accomplishment unparalleled in human history.”  And he highlighted the growing important role China plays in the international community. …

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It's a disaster. Who you gonna call? The World Instant Noodle Association

And the world’s hungry and sick are happy that they do.

The association – whose acronym is WINA – draws donations from instant noodle producers and a disaster relief fund created by the late inventor of the instant noodle, Momofuku Ando, and former chairman of the International Ramen Manufacturers’ Association.…

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World's highest mountain plays host to climate change cabinet meeting

The meeting comes after the government of the Maldives hosted a similarly
unusual cabinet meeting (in that case underwater in the Indian Ocean), where
they urged the international community to cut their carbon dioxide
emissions. The Maldives have long been at risk from global warming-linked
sea level rises, which threaten to drown the small islands.…

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Roman Polanski case highlights the global politics of extradition

Now, he is out on bail, secured with the help of French president Nicholas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, who intervened on Polanski’s behalf. 

As Polanski languishes in Alpine house arrest in a luxury Swiss chalet, it’s clear that extradition is still, at base, a political decision – and to avoid it, one key is not supporting international causes unpopular with powerful governments.…

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Van Rompuy, Ashton appointments could boost French protectionism within Europe

 Not everybody will see it negatively though. As the realpolitik behind these moves becomes plainer, we can see that France and Germany have done a lot better than other countries – apparently at the expense of the United Kingdom. As part of the deal to install Lady Ashton, Britain has agreed to allow Michel Barnier, a centre-right French politician, to take responsibility for the internal market in the new EU Commission next year.…

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